Your next creative project, launched.

Introducing Circulation: a workshop by Wavetable

Welcome to a unique collaboration space for creative professionals in media & entertainment to develop what's next.

Circulation is a 6-week workshop to get you focused, productive, and connected.
You'll walk away with better work, fresh ideas, and a high-quality network of peers from around the world.

Project based

Flexible schedule

Small cohort

Starts early Spring 2021

Wavetable is a new wave education company creating spaces for people to see, learn, and do differently.

Our mission is to help creative professionals build the knowledge, skills and networks they need to develop their ventures, and themselves.

We also work with companies like:

"Cracking the code of designing engaging learning environments is what these guys understand and deliver. It's a flywheel effect for developing creativity and building what's next."

Todd Hansen

co-founder & executive director, Artist Rescue Trust
former Head of Conference Programming and Strategy, SXSW

Join a global community building the new wave of media & entertainment ventures

Develop your next project alongside a group of like-minded peers, experts, and mentors

A few of the projects our community are developing...

Launching a short-form podcast in collaboration with a non-profit

Creating an edutainment YouTube channel

Starting a new record label

Rolling out a debut artist EP with a companion VR experience

Developing a new knowledge sharing system for employees

Finalizing a digital product offering

Building a pop-up casual food concept

Editing the first draft of a new industry-focused book

Designing a new coaching program

Move your work forwards: develop, launch and grow your next project

Projects can get stuck or delayed for all kinds of reasons. It could be lack of clarity, resources, or access; overcoming self-doubt or just overwhelm at how much there is to doThis is the place to make your next project the sharpest and most successful yet - whichever stage you're currently at

Be part of a community: tap into expertise and support from like minds

You'll have access to mentors, coaches and peers to provide valuable guidance, support, accountability and perspectiveThe 6-week program is just the start. You'll become part of an exclusive global community to support you for the journey beyond

Increase access: build the connections, skills and resources you need for what’s next

You'll be collaborating and working directly with others - a far more valuable business development and referral method than cold emails and conference chitchatOur library of live sessions, content and tools will help you hone new skills and give the resources you need, when you need them

How it works

1. Join
Register to join, and share some background on a project you want to focus on

2. Connect
Meet your community of peers and mentors, and set an intention for what you want to produce

3. Team Up
You’ll join a small group of peers who have complementary experience and projects, plus a dedicated coach

4. Engage
Each week you can dive into a range of educational content, live workshops, and special guest Q&A sessions

5. Iterate
Throughout, there’s a 24/7 discussion forum to share ideas and knowledge, receive feedback, ask questions, and get introductions

6. Refine
One of our producers in residence will check in regularly to support and help you develop your work

7. Showcase
The final live session is focused on sharing your progress with the group, and getting the introductions and ideas you need for what's next

8. Onwards
You'll become part of our ongoing community of creative professionals - a valuable Scenius to help you keep growing and developing

Access is limited - add your email address to get notified when enrollment opens.

Is this for you?

Circulation members work in a wide variety of areas - including music, film, nightlife, publishing, and gaming.
They typically fall into 3 main categories:

Company Builder

You’re a founder or key employee at an independent media / entertainment company

Creative Artist

You’re an established creative artist seeking to build the business around your work

Independent Practitioner

You have an existing freelance or consulting practice, or recently left a bigger company to start something of your own

Want to learn more?

Doing any kind of creative work is tough...

There’s the barrage of day-to-day demands on your time and energy.
A never ending flood of new ideas and trends - in a constantly shifting landscape.
The tension of balancing creativity and commerce.

And there's often a strong sense of isolation. Because, let's be honest - running a creative business can be really lonely.

On top of all this, you’re living through the most challenging global crisis for decades.

It's a lot to deal with.

WhatsApp groups and webinars provide some support, but there's a serious lack of dedicated spaces for creative founders.

And many of the old ways of generating new business opportunities have disappeared.

The right places don't exist for you to share knowledge, ideas and challenges with a trusted community, and develop both yourself and your projects.

So we've built one.

Welcome to Circulation

Circulation is a flexible, 6-week program for media & entertainment professionals.

It's a carefully curated and designed peer space, guided by trained facilitators and coaches, and featuring expert guests from the worlds of music, entertainment, publishing, marketing, and beyond.

You'll develop your next key project, tap into new knowledge, and get the support and connections you need for what's next.

Perhaps most importantly, you'll become part of a global community of like-minded creative entrepreneurs.

A... what?

Is this a meetup? An online community? A conference? Business school?

Yes and no.

We've distilled the best bits of them, and got rid of all the stuff that doesn't really work.

There are no long lectures, passive panels, or excruciating exams.
No exhausting schedules, or terrible coffee.
No cliques, hierarchies or hidden agendas.

Instead, it's fresh, open, collaborative, and responsive.

We call it a fellowship, or a workshop: a place for people with common interests to develop their work, together.

Through our work with big name brands and upstart founders, we've seen the power of these kinds of experiences again and again, so we're creating a unique space for people building independent ventures in media & entertainment.

A dedicated place for you to build what's next

There's plenty of content and curriculum available here, but you won't follow a fixed path.

Instead, you'll be working on the projects that actually matter to you and your business.

And you'll have a global group of peers, coaches and mentors to support their development, refinement, launch and growth.

We know you've got plenty of other things on your plate, of course.

The program has been designed to fit around the needs of your business and your schedule. You can choose your own adventure - whether you want to invest an hour or two a week, or take a deeper dive.

It's all good. There's something for you here.

Beyond the big idea

Big ideas are exciting. After all, they're... well, big.

However, there's something different about projects.

Projects aren't usually big ideas - at least not on the surface.

But while they're not bigger, they're definitely more tangible and visible.

And they unify people. We can get behind them: interact with them; share them; amplify them.

For an independent business owner, projects are real. They can make a real difference - right away.

Whatever projects, whichever stage, and wherever you're at - this is your place to build.

Why join?

You'll have the opportunity to confidentially brainstorm and bounce ideas off peers and facilitators; and get advice from industry-leading mentors and guest speakers.

You'll get accountability, feedback, advocates, partners, coaching, and user testing. You'll get resources, ideas, and focus.

You'll learn by doing. You'll learn through doing.

You'll expand your support network, and forge a team of creative professionals who can't wait to talk about what you're doing.

You’ll access new business opportunities, and build real, long-lasting connections with a diverse group of peers who are heading in the same direction as you.

And as well as developing a project, we guarantee that you'll also develop your business - and yourself.

Add your email address to get access as soon as enrolment opens:

Curious to learn more?
Book a time to chat with us 1:1 - no strings attached.

What they say

Here's what are few of the previous participants in our programs say about our work together.

They're creative founders and artists from NYC, London, Toronto, Ibiza, Amsterdam, and beyond.

“Astounding. This validated the last 6 months of work we’ve done in a way I could not have dreamed of.”

"Fun, dynamic, hands-on, great energy, and full of information"

“Extraordinary – one of the best teachers I’ve had in any environment”

"...a Swiss Army Knife - extensive, comprehensive and resourceful."

"This program made me feel like I belong in the ecosystem. I found my purpose."

"It helped me find my own voice."

"I came in with an MVP and walked out with a business ready to be a very big company."

Not sure yet? We’ll be running more programs for other industry groups in the very near future.
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Who's running this?

Hello. We're Wavetable. We're a team of DJs, producers, educators and idealists.

We’ve spent over a decade in the media & entertainment industry, working with both independent and major companies across the world.

Over the last 5 years we’ve designed and led interactive learning experiences and programs with companies like:

We also co-created and produced the first-of-its-kind AMP NYC accelerator program backed by the NYC Mayor’s Office for Media & Entertainment; are part of the advisory board of SXSW; and have coached and mentored dozens of creative industry founders.

We've built this program for people like us - business builders in the world of media & entertainment who are looking for something more.

Apply to join

Here's what's included.

6-week fellowship program


Bespoke curriculum spanning topics including positioning, strategy, product development, marketing, and productivityOffice hours featuring experts from across the creative industriesWeekly facilitated workshopsFull access to a curated library of content and resources
Coaching & Mentoring

Dedicated sessions with trained mentors and coachesPeer accountability groups

Collaborate with a hand-picked global peer group, with plenty of opportunities for small group discussion, 1:1 chats, and sharing of best practices and resources

Lifetime Membership

Members' only perks, including:

Direct connection to all our members across our programsAccess to our constantly growing library of content, resources, and live sessionsMonthly members-only Q&A sessions and workshopsMembers-only perksDiscounted access to leading creator and productivity software and tools

💡 Membership is 100% free of charge for this first cohort

Ready to get started?

Our first cohort opens soon. Add your email address below to get first access.


Alongside our crew of coaches, mentors, and producers, say hello to two of the program facilitators.

Howard Gray

Howard spent over 10 years in the media & entertainment industry as a digital producer, event promoter, talent agent and entrepreneur.

As an educator he's designed and facilitated learning experiences from 1 hour workshops to long-form accelerator programs, and for audiences ranging from senior leaders at Fortune 100 companies, to city governments, entrepreneurs, and 5 year old kids.

As well as his work leading Wavetable, he’s a mentor at The New School and BUILD NYC, a certified professional coach, and a member of the SXSW advisory board.

Josh Upton

Josh is a development partner who works with business owners, independent creatives and leaders in the digital and creative worlds to develop their careers, ideas and organizations through principle driven Coaching & Talent Development, Producing/Project Leadership, and Workshop Design & Facilitation.

His clients work at companies such as Samsung, Pinterest, FourSquare, TikTok, and The Pudding.

Josh is a native New Yorker, singer-songwriter, swimmer, volunteer mentor, amateur chef, friend, R&B enthusiast and seasoned hype-man.

Contact us

Got a question? Interested in collaborating?
Or just want to chat?

Drop us a line - we'd love to hear from you.

Ready to get started?

Our first cohort starts on February 8.

Cohort 1 Early Bird rate:
$850 / €695 / £625

Includes full 6-week fellowship program + lifetime membership

Yup, cheaper than a lot of industry conferences, and not a boring panel session in sight.
We also offer financial aid and payment plans for people who need it. Just let us know.

Enrolment opens in mid-January. Add your email address below to get first access.

There's always more than one way forward

For this first cohort, we're offering two more ways to join:

Pair up for a discount

Like several of life's great pleasures, Circulation is even better with a partner.

Join with a friend, peer, or lover and we'll give you the 2nd place at a 50% discount (that's right, only $425).

To access this offer, simply each apply individually and tell us who you're applying with.

Join our Development Circle

Curious to go behind the scenes, and help shape the future of Circulation? Join our development team.

In exchange for your input and feedback, you'll get a tasty discount plus inside access to future programs. Just check the box on the application form and we'll be in touch.

Not sure?

Got a question? Unsure if this is for you?

Book a time to speak with one of the team - we'd love to hear from you.


Frequently Asked Questions. Innit.

What's the goal of this program?

The wider goal of the program is to help more people build better creative careers and companies. We aim to do this by helping participants form a community around themselves; have access to the information and learning they need, when they need it; and to tap into a shared resource for hiring, business development, productivity and all the other areas of building a successful venture.

You'll walk away with your next project ready to roll.

Who should apply?

To be a good fit for this fellowship program, you should be:

A founder or a key employee at an independent media / entertainment company,An established creative artist seeking to build a team and business around your work, orAn independent freelancer or consultant looking to take your practice to the next level
We use the term 'media & entertainment' fairly broadly. Applicants have included digital design studios, live music promoters, niche magazines, and experiential agencies. If you identify your work as being related to media & entertainment, we encourage you to apply.

Additionally, you're eager to be an active participant in a growing community, want to tap into new ideas and perspectives. and are ready to support others and share your knowledge

I'm already well connected in the industry.
Why do I need this?

The world is changing too quickly for any of us to be able to learn and adapt on our own, in real time. Having a trusted group of peers, as well as access to mentors and other resources, is invaluable.

The program itself is more of an onboarding into what we hope will be a lifetime community for you and your business.

How much does it cost?

The cost to access the program is $850.

The price covers:

1. The 6 week program with dozens of hours of live programming and curriculum, members only perks, and facilitated working sessions
2. Access to coaches and mentors
3. Lifetime access to the community and our content and network directory

For this cohort, if you join with friend or associate we'll give you the second place at a 50% discount.

We also offer a range of scholarship options if your circumstances mean you can't afford to join the program at the regular price.

How will I know it's worth it?

You'll know when you feel yourself putting in the effort. And you'll know when you feel that unmistakeable push of momentum.

And you'll also know if you find yourself helping others. It sounds counter intuitive, but we've seen this again and again. Showing up with the stance of helping others helps other help you. And helping others in turn makes your work better.

In any case, if you don't feel you're getting sufficient value in the first 30 days, we'll refund you in full.

Do I have to give up equity in my company?

No, none at all.

Are there scholarship or financing options?

Yes indeed :) Our goal is to make the program financially accessible to all.

While many eligible applicants do have the means to support themselves, others don’t. We're offering a number of scholarship options based on applicants' financial needs.

It's completely free of charge to apply, so please submit an application to be considered for the fellowship. You’ll have the option to request financial assistance if you receive an offer to join us.

How is this different from other stuff that's out there?

Unlike a business school or traditional course, there's no 'sage on the stage', and no long arduous lectures. Instead, we focus on active, peer-based learning. You'll learn through doing, rather than by ploughing through textbooks or trying to figure out how a concept from a big name company may or may not apply to you. Sure, we bring in some really fantastic experts, but the onus is always on the application - either with your peers, or by yourself.

The program being online means it's adaptable, flexible, and global in nature. You don't have to rush to be in a certain place at a certain time, there's no travel needed, and all the content is available to dig into whenever you want.

And we work on projects that are specific to your business, which means you'll walk away with something real and immediately applicable.

Finally, we eschew hierarchy. There's no top table or VIP area - all the participants here supports each other, and knows there's something to learn from anyone and everything.

How many people are in the group?

We're limiting this first cohort to a maximum of 50 people.

Sure, there are online programs that have hundreds of people enrolled, but we want everyone in the group to spend real time with each other because those deeper interactions are where the value is.

What's the time commitment?

You can invest as much or as little time as you want to, but we suggest putting in 3-4 hours per week.

When does it start?

The cohort starts in early Spring and runs for 6 weeks.

What does a typical week look like?

In a typical week during the program, you'll have access to the following live touch points:

2 live workshops1 office hours featuring a special guest1 focused working group session1 session with one of our coaches
On top of this, you'll have access to the 24/7 online community platform, and a full library of content

How often are the live sessions?

There will be live programming running throughout each week, including company building workshops, speaker sessions, and office hours. Most sessions are held at 1pm Eastern Time to allow for as broad a range of geographies as possible to join, but we also run sessions earlier and later in the day too, as well as geography-specific working groups.

Do I get a credential?

This is a workshop, so there are no exams to pass or arbitrary standards to meet. It's about solving problems, creating something new, and developing yourself and your business.

Rather than hiding away the fact that this program isn't accredited, we're proud of it - because that's not what it's for (besides, we didn't like school much). However, we'll happily give you a certificate of completion if you want one.

More importantly, you'll walk away with three things we believe are far more valuable than a piece of paper:

Real projects that you can show and shareMembership of a global community of peersVouches from people who truly recognise and value what you do

Curious to learn more?
Book a time to chat with us - no strings attached.

Learn more about Circulation

Sure, putting a few hundred of your hard earned dollars/euros/pounds into a program you don't know too much about... it may feel like a bit of a stretch.

We get that. This is just a website, after all. It's just pixels and stuff on a screen.

So you chat about what you're working on the moment and meet some of our crew, we're running a few open sessions in the coming weeks.

We hope you go away from them feeling that Circulation is just the thing to propel you into the next chapter.

And if not, that's totally cool. We'd rather that, than you investing in something that doesn't feel right.

That's what these info sessions are for. They're 100% free to join, no strings attached.

Don't see one that works? Give us a shout and we'll arrange a time that fits for your schedule.